Fozzy Group is in the short list of World Retail Awards 03.04.2009

In December 2009 retail business of Fozzy Group was listed in Emerging market retailer of the year of the international World Retail Awards.

World Retail Congress, which will be held on May 6-8, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain, will gather international retailers and politic leaders from over 60 countries. They will discuss global retail issues and share ideas. Within the Congress World Retail Awards will be held. This contest includes 8 nominations. Emerging market retailer of the year is to choose the best retailer, which demonstrates dynamic development, flexibility and ability to change on the market demand. Nominees are to prove their entrepreneur skills and innovations put into their businesses.

Fozzy Group retail business is the only CIS representative shortlisted in the nomination. Besides Fozzy Group there are 5 other countries representatives on the list.

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