Fozzy Group starts to import the world’s finest olive oil 26.10.2011

The Fozzy Group became the first retailer in the world to offer its customers a range of extra virgin olive oils of premium class at its supermarkets. On the shelves of Silpo supermarkets, Ukrainians can find 19 different oils from seven countries that are recognized as the best rated in FLOS OLEI 2011. Moreover, Fozzy Group has imported for the first time in Ukraine Frescolio, freshly squeezed olive oil, produced by Frantoi Cutrera® of Italy.

The taste of premium quality olive oils is defined by the region of production, the variety and/or blend of olives from which they are created. Such oils differ from standard quality oils by more sophisticated and diverse aroma and taste, as well as useful properties. The content of polyphenols in the premium oil is almost twice higher than the standard, because the olives are hand-harvested when mature.

"The best olive oils rated FLOS OLEI are recognized as such not only for their high organoleptic qualities, noted by expert tasters. We mainly evaluate the continued quality of the production in a few years and the extra value they bring to the production of their region” Marco Oreggia, publisher of a guide to olive oil FLOS OLEI, said in explaining the value of the top 19 oils, presented in Silpo. “So, we don’t just estimate one particular olive oil, but give an ‘Award for Quality’ throughout its production cycle.”

Premium olive oils in the Silpo chain come directly from the manufacturers, without distributors, so the price on the shelf of supermarkets is almost worth the price of these oils in their home countries. Thanks to the development of the group’s own company import, Ukrainians can diversify and enjoy a menu of delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, an indispensable element of which is olive oil.

Olive oils, imported by Fozzy Group, have obligatory certification, transported due to the quality requirements, and stay on the shelf strictly within their allotted date. Healthy products will bring only benefits to customers.

"We want to make products from different parts of the world available to our customers,” says Dmitry Tsygankov, the marking director of the Silpo chain. “Imported directly from the country of origin, these products offered by Silpo are available to Ukrainian consumers in many brands and even many categories. We are expanding the geography of the taste preferences of Ukrainians, giving the opportunity to buy close to home those things that could only be purchased from abroad before.” In the nearest future, Fozzy Group is planning to produce premium olive oil under Premіya Select, its own brand.

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