Fozzy Group’s retail chains turnover increased by 25% 29.05.2013

In 2012, Fozzy Group’s retail chains turnover has grown by almost 25% comparing to 2011and amounted to more than USD 26.3 billion. In the past year, as in previous years, Group of companies has maintained a focus on supporting and ensuring the quality of goods and services in retail chains, as well as offering fine range of products to its customers.

During the year 41 new stores of three retail chains were opened: 18 Silpo supermarkets, including two premium ones - Le Silpo, 2 Fozzy Cash&Carry wholesale hypermarkets and 21 Fora convenience stores. By the end of 2012, 417 retail stores were operating for customers: 237 Silpo, 7 Fozzy Cash&Carry and 173 Fora.

Fozzy Group’s private labels have reached to almost 10% of the total turnover of the Group. In September 2012 a new brand was introduced - Premiya Wine Club (PWC) - imported wines at an affordable price. The line of four types of French wine was the first to appear on the shelves of the store. During 2012 650 new products were launched under the private labels Premiya, EXTRA!, Premiya Select, PWC, Zonk!, Instinct, Povna Chasha, and Povna Charka. At present, the group of companies manufactures about 2,150 products under the 10th private labels – it is 43% more than in 2011.

In Silpo retail chain the program for the loyal customers Vlasnyi Rakhunok continues to be evolved. Its audience for the 2012 increased by 300 thousand participants and at the beginning of 2013 amounted to 3.4 million households. During the past year Vlasnyi Rakhunok participants received a gratification for USD163 million from the chain. Besides, the programme offers additional non-material benefits: online shopping lists, opportunity to check the congestion of cash registers in the stores, and in 2012 was launched a service Skarbnychka, which allows customers to save time at cash register. Also in 2012 has been refined a cards issuing system - now one can get a card at the supermarket checkout and does not need to wait for it by mail. Vlasnyi Rakhunok continues to be a practical basis for category management of retail chain – assortment and promotional policy of every Silpo supermarket are based on data collected within Vlasnyi Rakhunok.

Fozzy Group has continued to develop its proposition of products for customers of retail chains. Focusing on customers with different levels of spending in the chains Silpo, Fozzy Cash&Carry and Fora it is possible to find the best selection of products at various price segments: from economic to premium. Providing the products of domestic and foreign producers is an important part of the assortment policy. On the store shelves products of local suppliers as well as products from all over the world are presented. Due to the development of own import line "Own import without intermediaries" the range of exclusive products for the Ukrainian market is increased: today company works with almost 200 producers from more than 40 countries. Herewith, the absence of trade agents and direct contracts with manufacturers guarantee that products on shelf are fresh and have acceptable price for Ukraine.

As in previous years special attention has been paid to the quality of goods. This point is of paramount importance while concluding contracts with suppliers. Quality control includes inspection and compliance with storage and transportation standards at all stages of logistics - the receipt and storage at the distribution centers, transportation, storage and rotation in the store. We are to recall that the quality and safety of goods and compliance with expiration dates are additionally controlled by a special subdivision of Fozzy Group – Quality Department, which is an independent structural unit of the group since 2008 and responsible for implementation of the requirements to products quality in all retail chains.

In the current year Fozzy Group, a group of companies, continues to develop the retail chains Silpo, Fozzy Cash&Carry and Fora, introducing improvements in operational processing, offering new services and ensuring the quality of goods and services.

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