Premiya® presents laundry detergent for children's clothes 01.03.2013

Poloskun, Premiya®’s new laundry detergent for children's clothes, is now available at Silpo, Fora and Fozzy Cash&Carry stores. Caring for our youngest customers and their parents, the Fozzy Group network presented the new detergent Poloskun.

This new product is particularly well-suited for children’s clothing as it does not contain allergenic ingredients.

Premiya® private label brand Poloskun perfectly copes with all the stains that are so typical of children: food, juices, dirt etc. It can be used on various fabrics, from cotton diapers or synthetic overalls to fleece jackets. Poloskun is also effective in cold water. Besides, it contains ingredients that prevent the emergence of build ups. Moreover, its formula is safe for both kids and the fabrics they wear, since it protects the fiber its color even in case of frequent use.

Poloskun is available in various sizes: 0.4 kg, 2.4 kg and 4.5 kg. It is produced by The Sun, Private Production Unitary Enterprise “Perfumery and Cosmetic Factory,” Belarus.

Poloskun detergent is of many quality and affordable products available under the Premiya® brand.

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