Who makes predictions on Silpo’s receipts? 01.04.2013

Today supermarket chain Silpo reveals the two most realistic versions of the source of prophecies that can be seen on the supermarkets’ receipts. We have already put forward some assumptions about who publishes predictions on the receipts, but most of them have not been confirmed empirically. Therefore, the most plausible explanations are:

- first, this is an undocumented possibility of our software service desk, which was created in order to handle customer complaints;

- second, our own IT system has become aware of its own existence. As you know, after reaching a certain scale IT systems become partially self-aware and develop consciousness.

There are an equal number of supporters for both versions.

As you may know, we have no way of telling that a prediction has been made. Act of prediction occurs at the time when a receipt is printed.

It definitely could be argued that the buyer is directly involved in the creation of a prediction – the message depends on what the customer was thinking at the moment of printing.

Although, theoretically, there are an unlimited number of predictions, formally we can say that their content (in terms of combinations of letters and symbols) can be repeated, in reality they are quite unique because they depend on the moment in time when they were created, which is always unique.

It should be pointed out that the prediction in every fifth check began appearing four years ago in Kyiv. Since 2010 this phenomenon spread throughout Ukraine and now all buyers get advice, suggestions or prophecies together with their receipts.

Note: none of the predictions were tested on animals.

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