A recently Renovated Silpo Supermarket Resumes Operations In Vynohradar District 27.11.2013

Residents of Podol district will once again be able to shop at the Silpo supermarket, which reopened following reconstruction works on November 29 at Vasyl Poryka Av. 5.

The renovated supermarket will be waiting for its first buyers starting at 12:00. It has a sales area of 990 square meters and is served by 10 cash registers in the main hall to ensure efficient service, plus one in the adjacent tobacco shop.

The renovated supermarket will offer customers a wide range of products: bread and other baked goods, nuts and raisins, fish, various products of gastronomy, vegetables and fruits. Moreover, customers will be offered a wide range of own imports: alcohol, cheese, pastries, fresh meat and meat products.

The supermarket will be open around the clock.

As all other stores in the Silpo chain, the reconstructed supermarket will offer shoppers a range of benefits: 50% discounts on our “Price of the Week” offers and our Vlasnyi Rakhunok loyalty program for regular customers.

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