9th Silpo Supermarket Opens In Lviv 10.12.2013

Just in time for New Year's shopping, Fozzy Group opened yet another Silpo supermarket in Lviv, at Shyroka St. 87, shopping center Vam.

The new supermarket will be opened for citizens starting from December 10 at 14:00. Working hours are from 8:00 to 23:00. The shop has a sales area of 1 100 square meters and will be served by eight cash registers to ensure prompt customer service and two additional registers located in the tobacco shop. A parking is provided for shoppers' convenience. On the shelves of Lviv's new Silpo supermarket buyers will find a wide range of products: fruits and vegetables, various delicacies, fresh fish and meats, delicious pastries and bread from the store's own bakery. Also, you can always find products of Fozzy Group's own brands and own imports.

As all other stores in the Silpo chain, the Lviv supermarket will offer shoppers a range of benefits: 50% discounts on our “Price of the Week” offers and our Vlasnyi Rakhunok loyalty program for regular customers.

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