Fozzy Group launches a program for collaboration with suppliers 21.06.2013

Fozzy Group carefully monitors the quality of products present in the Group’s retail chains. For several years already the company operates a department dedicated to ensuring quality standards are met. The department works together with suppliers, developing internal procedures and standards, and audits individual shops. To provide our customers with high quality goods Fozzy Group has initiated a new program, which aims to expand cooperation with suppliers in regards to quality control and food safety through regular production assessments in compliance with international quality standards. In the first wave of companies to be audited there are producers of four product categories: fresh group (meat and fish), cookery, dairy products and baby food.

There are several international and local standards that must be met by food producers to manage risks. The most widely used are those already recognized by the GFSI system that is created and maintained by the world's leading retailers and manufacturers to streamline issues related to quality standards and food safety. To certify suppliers Fozzy Group bases itself on the Standard IFS Food Version 6, which is part of the GFSI system.

Fozzy Group’s experts will conduct audits of about 100 key suppliers in five higher risk food categories: fresh meat and fish, delicatessen, dairy products and baby food. These categories were selected for audits based on several criteria: the risks associated with the products and categories as a whole, the volumes of production, the impact on consumer perception. Fozzy Group’s evaluation of suppliers will take place in several stages:

1) Company audits by Fozzy Group’s Quality Department;

2) Analysis of the results;

3) Preparing a report with recommendations.

The first audits of manufacturers will take place in August this year. The audits will be carried out according to the IFS Food Version 6 standards and suppliers will receive an “Approved” status in case of positive results. The Group’s suppliers that are currently certified by a competent certification company using standards based on the GFSI system will automatically receive the “Approved” status and will not be included in audit program.

“We want to offer our customers only the highest quality products, which means that our suppliers have to guarantee that they operate under an effective quality and security management system based on international standards. In addition, the implementation of such system standards is stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine. Considering these factors, we initiated a program to evaluate our suppliers. This should help producers develop and minimize the risks associated with the products,” says Maxim Barabuha, Head of Fozzy Group Quality Department.

Successfully passing the evaluation procedures will encourage the sustainable development of manufacturers and increase the quality and safety of products offered to consumers at Fozzy Group’s supermarket chains.

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