Fozzy Group’s own brands present their new products to Ukrainians 22.04.2013

In the first quarter of 2013 Fozzy Group launched more than 60 new items in 20 categories under its own label brands: Premiya®, Premiya Select®, Povna chasha®, and EXTRA!®

The Silpo, Fora, and Fozzy Cash&Carry supermarket chains offer products in different price segments, all of which have been carefully selected to suit the different needs and preferences of consumers. Suppliers to produce the own label brand products are selected from many countries around the world, because Fozzy Group highly values product quality and pays close attention to production technology so as to ensure its customers receive nothing but the best.

The new products coming out under the Premiya® brand include a variety of canned vegetables. Aside from traditional Ukrainian versions of canned beans or mushrooms with vegetables, consumers can try grilled peppers and grilled vegetables. In addition, sun-dried tomatoes, used in Mediterranean dishes, can now be found not only among premium products, but also at a more affordable price.

The range of Premiya® brand sweets has been expanded to include Marzipan Bars in black and milk chocolate and delicious French waffles with chocolate filling. For the preparation of dairy desserts, cocktails and coffee at home we offer a choice of sweet syrups, notably strawberry, raspberry, and cherry.

The product range for gourmets, under the Premiya Select® brand, has also grown. Ukrainian consumers can already savor Spanish meat specialties – Serrano ham and dried Fuete sausages. For those who prepare haute cuisine at home, Premiya Select® offers six varieties of confiture – cherry, onion and with truffles, fig, wine and mango chutney. For seafood lovers Premiya Select® offers a range of tiger shrimp and canned tuna in olive oil.

The launch of baby detergent Poloskun under the Premiya® brand in February 2013 opened a new category of goods, which continues to be expanded. In the second quarter the detergent Shine, found in our economy segment Povna Chasha®, also appeared on our supermarket shelves.

Dozens of more products will soon appear in the premium, medium and economy price segments. In particular, the Group plans to expand its range of energy drinks: the classical X-energy will soon be joined by the energy drink with alcohol Alco Z-energy.

“Last year we focused on enhancing the existing range of product categories of our own brands. Special attention was paid to the promotion of own brands present in the premium segment,” says Galina Malyarova, head of Fozzy Group’s own brand department. “This year we will continue to develop the current categories, but also, of course, launch new ones. Because we choose suppliers from all over the world for the production of private label brand products, our customers can receive high-quality or even exclusive products at an affordable price in different parts of Ukraine.”

Overall, in 2012 Fozzy Group launched about 650 new products under its own brands Premiya®, EXTRA!®, Premiya Select®, PWC®, Zonk®, Instinct®, Povna Chasha® and Povna Charka®.

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