Fozzy Group’s retail turnover increased by 15% in 2013 23.06.2014
<p>By 2013 results turnover of Fozzy Group’s retail business increased by 15% and amounted to more than 30.5 billion UAH comparing to 2012 year.</p>

<p>During 2013, the Group continued to open new retail objects. By the year-end, 43 stores were opened in total: 11 Silpo supermarkets, 1 Le Silpo delicate-market, 2 Fozzy Cash&Carry hypermarkets and 29 For a conveniences. The total number of stores at the beginning of 2014 was 440: 247 Silpo, including 3 Le Silpo, 8 Fozzy Cash&Carry, 193 Fora.
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At the beginning of 2014 in the retail business of Fozzy Group 36.8 thousand people were employed.</p>

<p>During the past year, Fozzy Group’s team efforts were focused on development of retail business service component: updating process of products quality control, customer service polishing, product range improvement and optimization.</p>

<p>Fozzy Group strengthened position of its own import. Thus, the group of companies has become the second largest wine importer in the country - in 2013, working with over 70-th companies from 17 countries, Fozzy Group brought in Ukraine 2.7 million liters of wine. Also last year the group has become the largest importer of cheese - just for today in trading stores are selling more than 200 types of cheese. For 2013 under the label “Own Import without Intermediate Sellers” was substantially expanded import in the category of frozen fish and seafood. Continuing to develop a category of olive oil, Fozzy Group received an award from FLOS OLEI* for its contribution to the culture of premium olive oils consumption.</p>

<p>Fozzy Group’s private labels product range also continued to grow: in 2013 was introduced a new baby products trade mark “Premiya Riki-Tiki”. Today, in the retail chains over 2,200 kinds of products are selling under 11 PLs: Premiya Select premium products, mid-price segment – Premiya, Premiya Riki-Tiki, Premiya Wine Club (PWC), Zelena Krayina, Zonk!, Protex, Instinct, low segment – Povna Chasha, Povna Charka, EXTRA!.</p>

<p>Number of Silpo regular customers continued to increase – in 2013 the audience of the program “Vlasnyi Rakhunok” increased by almost 18%, to 4 million households. By results of 2013, the chain has paid 239 million UAH of rewards to the program members. Every year “Vlasnyi Rakhunok” is expanding its communication with clients, in addition to the regular quarterly newsletter of certificates in 2013 were sent more than 13 million emails. Moreover, last year special offers have become more accessible to participants – now you can get them not only by mail or at, but also at supermarket’s checkouts. In parallel, the group of companies is developing its cooperation with international and Ukrainian suppliers – the pool of partners “Vlasnyi Rakhunok” significantly increased for the last year.</p>

<p>In 2014, Fozzy Group is committed to maintain its market position and business efficiency. However, the group’s key focus is on its customers, which means to maintain the current level of quality service and products, to develop product range, including PLs and “Own Import without Intermediate Sellers”. This is to keep Silpo, Le Silpo, Fozzy Cash&Carry and For a as comfortable stores for the greatest possible number of customers throughout Ukraine.</p>

<p>* FLOS OLEI is a top international ranking-guide to olive oils.</p>
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