Silpo in graphics 12.11.2014
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<p>Our experience would have been rather unusual, and you could even say strange, if supermarkets began to resemble comics or cartoon scenery. Or if Kyiv overnight became covered in graffiti art together with its fountains and monuments.</p>

<p>You can feel yourself approximately this way on Friday, November 14th, at 12:00 at the opening of Silpo supermarket. It’s just as if you wanted to come to an exhibition of contemporary illustrators but got to the grocery store instead. For convenience sake, one might say.</p>

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<p>Fast facts:</p>

    <li>Opening: November 14th, 2014, 12:00</li>
    <li>Address: 96, OlesGonchar Str.</li>
    <li>Area: about 1000 square meters</li>
    <li>Hours: round-the-clock</li>
    <li>This is not a new supermarket, it will be opened after reconstruction.</li>
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