The First Silpo Supermarket Opens in Kostopil 28.02.2014
<p>Fozzy Group opens its first supermarket Silpo in Kostopil city (Rivne region) at Hrushevskoho Street, 29.</p>

<p>New supermarket opens doors to city dwellers on February 28 at 12:00. Supermarket is open from 8:00 to 23:00. Shopping area is more than 950 square meters. Eight cashiers are placed for prompt customer service. Supermarket’s customers can take advantage of parking for their convenience.</p>

<p>On the shelves of the new Silpo supermarket in Kostopil clients will find a wide range of goods and products: fruits and vegetables, gastronomy, fresh fish and meat, delicious pastries and bakery from their own bakery, cakes of own production. Also, they can always buy products of Silpo’s private label and the chain’s own import.</p>

<p>In the new Silpo supermarket in Kostopil, as in the other chain supermarkets, customers can take advantage of traditional benefits of Silpo chain: 50% discount for super advantageous offer Price of the Week and participation in the loyalty program for regular customers Vlasnyi Rakhunok.</p>
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