Beermaster Day-2016 from the Own import of "Silpo" supermarket chain 21.05.2016
"Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy!" - the famous American politician Benjamin Franklin once said. The guests of the first Beermaster Day, which took place on May 21 in Kiev, in the "M17" gallery, managed to find out how strong this love is.

The team of the Own import of "Silpo" supermarket chain gathered a select collection of delicious beers and introduced it at Beermaster Day. The beer lovers could get acquainted with the glorious representatives of the Order of Trappist, Belgian Wheat beer, Dubbel and Quadrupel, German Weissbier, Bock and Doppelbock, the famous British breweries with their stouts, porters, and the IPA, and also the trend American and German Kraft. More than 100 types of beer and 34 breweries from 7 countries were represented there. People could try really everything!

Near the each beer stand guests could find the experts of the Own import of "Silpo" supermarket chain and breweries representatives. So the beer lovers had the opportunity to learn all about the desired sort of beer. For the beginners the beer sommeliers of Kiev beer league carried out special tours and told about the beer degustation details.

Another feature of Beermaster Day was the broadcast format - from an improvised radio room –and broadcasters. Danila Khomutovskiy (radio "Aristocrats") and Yuri Semenov (the head of the Kyiv Beer League) gave recommendations tirelessly on the sequence and rules of tasting, food combinations, as well as they pleased the guests with quiz. The most communicative participants received pleasant prizes with the symbols of breweries.
Among the guests of Beermaster Day even ambassadors of Belgium, France and the representative of UK diplomatic corps were present. As it turned out, they love beer and, oddly enough, each of them prefers the beer of his country :-).

We are pleased to present the top three Beermaster Day drinks from Yuri Semenov:

1. Blanche De Namur Rosee from BRASSERIE DU BOCQ (Belgium) - has a light fruity taste with hints of raspberries, perfect for a summer day.

2. Duchesse de Bourgogne from BRASSERIE VERHAEGHE VICHTE (Belgium) - this red-Flanders Ale did not leave anybody indifferent because of its unusual sour-tart flavor.

3. Blueberry Maple Stout from SAUGUTUCK BREWERY COMPANY (USA) - a real discovery from craft homeland. It has a confident and rare balance of unique taste and aroma with notes of sweet blueberries, maple syrup and chocolate.

We hope you will also pay attention to these worthy and, what to speak, very delicious samples of world brewing.
We wish you pleasant discoveries!

Let it beer!
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