In the center of Odessa opened new “Silpo” supermarket 26.12.2016
A new “Silpo” supermarket was opened in the “Kadorr” shopping center located in Odessa, 27/1 Ekaterininsjka St.. 
Fragrant pastries from our own bakery, fresh fish and meat, which can be ordered as “shashlik”, wide variety of vegetables and fruits are waiting for Odessans and visitors of the city. For admirers of a healthy diet “Silpo” created special project “Lavka Traditsiy”, where you can buy products made from natural Ukrainian ingredients created according to the old recipes. 
Products of “Silpo” own import are also presented for the guests. Special attention should be paid to the wide assortment of imported wines, sweets, and olive oil. Beer connoisseurs can find here craft beers, both imported and local Ukrainian. 
Pastries from our own bakeries are traditional elements in almost any “Silpo”. They are varied with sweets recipes, cakes and exquisite desserts. In support of the year-round romance of Odessa city in “Silpo” are running floral boutiques, where florists can create a personalized bouquet for any occasion. 
In the new “Silpo” supermarket frequent guests can also enjoy the traditional benefits which the network provides: up to 50% percent discount for special offers “Price of the week” and a lot of bonuses in the “Personal account” (“Vlasnyi rakhunok”). For the convenience of customers there are eight cashier desks: four stationary, three checkout counters in a tobacco shop, a cash register - in the floral boutique. 
We are waiting for you in the new “Silpo” supermarket by the address 27/1 Ekaterininsjka St, Odessa, (shopping center “Kadorr”), daily from 8:00am to 11:00pm.
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