Have you heard the biggest story in August? "Silpo" supermarket coming to Jamaica! Yes, that’s right! It just that the Brovary city is renamed to "Jamaica"! :) Just kidding! But everything else below is true!
A new "Silpo" supermarket, decorated in the spirit of the most sunny and serene state on earth – Jamaica, will open the doors hospitably on the 19th of August in the Brovary city, on the Kyiv street 241!
Pile of fruits under the palm trees, where you can choose the most exotic and ripe fruits from around the world... The meat smokehouse, where experienced chefs will delight guests with spicy and delicious doner kebab... Unique grill with the firewood, where on the lattice saturated with fragrant smoke lays fish, and rosy slices of meat and chicken are roasting... There`ll be freshly baked bread in the tandoor, bazaar and a food court!
And all this seasoned with reggae hits and Jamaican décor – from seascapes to paintings depicting the inhabitants of the Caribbean islands and their everyday life. So, we welcome you to the most colorful and unique supermarket "Silpo" – Jamaica in da Brovary!

P.S. They say if you visit the food court with barbecue bar, then you could be desiring your vacation 26% less :)
"Silpo" in Jamaican style awaits you on August 19th at 12:00! Afterwards - every day from 8:00 to 23:00.
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