10 new stores in February: Chain of hard discounters «Thrash! » continues growing 17.02.2017
Chain of stores "Thrash!" opens 10 new stores in the cities of Kharkiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Kherson, Berdyansk, Cherkasy and is one of the fastest growing food chains in Ukraine.

The Fozzy Group Company launched the hard discounter trading network "Thrash!" ("ТРАШ!" Smashing prices!) in August 2016. As of today, the network already has 37 stores in 14 cities.
"In the light of the first half of the year "Thrash!" results, we can see that the Ukrainians understand and accept the new format for the market. As stores opened in August 2016, turnover grew by over 30% and continues to grow. Stores of the second wave show the same dynamic. Currently "Thrash!" chain of stores visits more than 1 million customers per month."- says Michael Prytula, commercial project manager of the "Thrash!". "We are pleased with the results of the trading network. During the first half of the year we completed the development plan in its entirety, so encourage further development of the network and the number of stores in Ukraine."
The format of the hard discounter is new for Ukraine. Hard discounters provide mostly lower prices compared to other supermarkets in the market. This is possible by reducing costs and optimizing internal processes.
"Thrash!" – is for people who are attentive to their spending. The range of goods narrowed to essentials (approximately 1,500 positions), allowing customers to quickly make the choice. An optimized delivery methods, a small number of a staff, advertising and visual merchandising savings instruments, simplified shop display - all of which allow to surprise "Thrash!" visitors with prices.
Processes remain unchanged in the quality department, which oversees systematic check with suppliers, quality control and standards of products.
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