Fozzy Group Increased Chain Trade Turnover by 17% 15.05.2017

By results of 2016 network trade turnover of the group of companies Fozzy Group, in comparison with 2015, grew by 17%, amounting to more than 55 billion hryvnias. More than 2 billion hryvnias were transferred to the state budget, and thus the company entered the rating of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine. In the course of 2016, new stores were opened, namely – 9 Silpo, 21 Fora. The total number of Fozzy Group stores at the beginning of 2017 was “682”: Silpo - 250, including 3 Le Silpo, Fozzy Cash & Carry - 10, Fora - 241, “Thrash!” - 30. The number of employees of the Fozzy group of companies at the end of 2016 was more than 44.5 thousand people.


For several years Fozzy Group has been kept pace with a balanced strategy, even in an unstable market. The introduction of innovative projects for the Ukrainian market also allows the company to ensure a stable growth.


In 2016 Fozzy Group launched a new trade network in the format of a hard discount – “Thrash!” (“Thrash” crashes prices!). The peculiarity of the format: mainly low prices in comparison with the market average. This advantage is achieved in the process of reducing costs and optimizing internal processes.


The Silpo chain of supermarkets was replenished with three new supermarkets last year, in which there are restaurants: Silpo in Brovary, Silpo in shopping and entertainment centre “Victoria Gardens” in Lviv and Silpo in Lavina Mall, Kiev. In addition to restaurants, supermarkets are distinguished by a unique interior design, assortment and additional services.

In February 2016 the Neapolitan restaurant Positano opened its doors in retail and office centre “Silver Breeze” in Kiev. In addition to the cosy atmosphere and delicious Neapolitan dishes, the restaurant is interesting due to the menu, which was created by famous Italians: Marco Cervetti - brand chief “Silpo”, Le Silpo, and one of the best world’s pizzaiolos - Enzo Coccia from Naples, Italy.


The project “Lavka Tradutsij” of cooperation with small Ukrainian producers and farmers, is gaining momentum. The products of “Lavka Tradutsij” can be found in 69 Silpo supermarkets throughout the country. The assortment has already more than 400 product lines, which introduce guests to the quality products of local producers, including: meat, curd products, sauces, tea and much more.


The program “Vlasny Rahunok” also continues to increase the number of its participants. In 2016 it increased to 4.95 million households, representing more than 12 million participants. Studying the personal preferences of the owners of the program cards, the team of “Vlasny Rahunok” provides the guests of the network with favourable individual offers. In the whole last year the guests of “Silpo” were sent almost 94 million individual offers.


The export direction of Fozzy Group continues to develop. In 2016 the goods were exported to 15 countries of the world, the total volume of transactions amounted to more than 147.9 million dollars.


Also Fozzy Group strengthened the position of the “Own Import” project. In 2016 the cooperation with 43 new suppliers began, increasing the total number of up to 800 manufacturing companies from 65 countries, whose products can be purchased in Fozzy Group trade network: Silpo, Fora, Fozzy C&C. According to the group, “Own import” is the largest importer in Ukraine in the following categories: bottled wine (1.2 million litres), bananas (1.2 million boxes, 12.4% of the total turnover of bananas in Ukraine). Among retailers, the largest volume of imports is in the following categories: beer (1.2 million bottles) and frozen and chilled fish (13 million kg).

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