Official Explanation From Silpo About the Plastic Layer on the Scales 04.03.2018
Over the past few days, social networks and some publications have spread the news about plastic layer on the scales in Silpo supermarkets. They argued that the layer added weight to the weighed products, implying that the stores deceived its customers.

Below is the official explanation from Silpo about the plastic layer on the scales.  

"Only 5 scales in our stores were equipped with the protective plastic layer. Each of these layers gave the initial zero weight on the scales.That is, the balance was zero at the beginning. The weight of the layer did not add to the weight of the product. Accordingly, weighing the product without the layer would result in a lesser total weight than it real was and by no means more.  

We are very sorry that our guests had to encounter such a misunderstanding. Our task is to create the most comfortable and convenient conditions for the guests of our stores. As a result, we decided to remove the layers from the scales so that such misunderstandings would not happen again".
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