Shopping Through Optical Illusions. New Silpo in “Smart Plaza” Shopping and Entertainment Center 04.04.2018
On April 4 at 12:00 the world of illusions of the supermarket Silpo in the SEC “Smart Plaza” will open its doors to guests at 26-B Peremohy Prospect. 

Oh no, opening of the supermarket is not an illusion. Optical illusion is another creative idea of the Silpo marketing team. Spiral patterns, rotating circles, incredible forms of mirror and spatial impressions take your breath away. Will it distract from shopping? It won’t. Each department will attract in its own way: color, texture, things.  

Following the aroma of fresh baked goods, be careful – you can be caught by amazing moving figures-illusions on your way. However, the smell of freshly baked pizza is a real one which is certainly difficult to resist. 

The meat and fish departments will fascinate you by an abundance of items. Here besides fresh meat and fish there will be our own smokehouse. Moreover, there will be an open shop where guests can observe the whole cooking process. 

Your guests showed up unexpectedly and you are not ready? We have super power – cookery! The important thing is to get there before everything is bought up. Even for a date you don’t need a special preparation – just order a plate of peeled fruit to wine which will be available in our alcohol department in a great variety. Its endless spiral pattern appeals crazily. And on the way to the department, it's worth stopping for a couple of minutes to choose your favorite olives from our fresh bar. In general, we will have everything for successful romantic evenings by the fireplace. If you want the morning to be no less beautiful than the evening, stop by our coffee boutique for some fragrant coffee.  

The area of our optical illusion is 1531.2 square meters where 35 thousand items will be waiting for you. So, you are guaranteed to spend your time with benefit and pleasure.  

And as for the lines at the cash desks – that is totally an illusion. We won’t have them at all because 13 cash desks are going to be at your service. Besides, don’t worry for your car – there is an underground parking lot in the SEC “Smart Plaza”.  

We are waiting for you from 08:00 till 23:00 in Silpo supermarket at 26-B Peremohy Prospect, SEC Smart Plaza.  

And remember, the real gastronomic pleasure is not an illusion!
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