Solar power plant and trolleys made of fishing nets: “Silpo Recycling” was opened near Kyiv 06.11.2020
November, 6, 2020 — A Silpo supermarket built in compliance with the most recent "green" technologies opened its doors in Sofiivska Borshchahivka district, on 1/10 Kyivska Street. This is the first supermarket in the chain which uses energy from renewable sources. 

“The supermarket was constructed in accordance with the BREEAM requirements—the international method of certifying the sustainability of buildings. Among its key requirements: minimal impact on the environment, use of energy-efficient equipment and compliance with environmental goals”, —says Silpo energy audit engineer Bohdan Deiko. — "At the moment we are planning to apply for the BREEAM certificate, which has only been granted to a few facilities in Ukraine by now." 

The supermarket construction was funded by loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in support of environmentally sustainable business. 

"Green" supermarkets are a global trend that continues to gain momentum. European retailers annually build or re-equip several hundred supermarkets in accordance with the modern environmental requirements. The supermarkets demonstrate impressive results—up to 50% of energy is saved due to renewable energy use. Our goal is to start this trend on the Ukrainian market,”—says Silpo Marketing Director Kateryna Oguryaeva.  

Seven "green" solutions of the new Silpo 

Geothermal heating and air conditioning 
Two geothermal pumps use the thermal energy of the earth to heat and cool the supermarket. Such equipment consumes five times less electricity compared to electric boilers. The pumps are located behind the glass wall in a special thermal station. 

Trolleys made of fishing nets 
Silpo customers can use trolleys that are made using 25% recycled fishing nets and ropes. The latter account for 27% of all garbage polluting the world's oceans. 

Solar power plant on the roof 
The entire free area of the supermarket roof is covered with 664 solar panels, each one generating up to 410 watt-hours of electricity. We are planning to get 259,000 kilowatt-hours of solar energy annually and use it for the supermarket needs, minimizing electricity consumption from the grid. 

Refrigeration units without Freon 
Supermarket refrigerators use carbon dioxide as a cooling agent. Unlike Freon, it has higher energy efficiency and has zero ozone depletion potential. 

Charging points for electric cars 
The supermarket car park has six charging points for fast charging of electric vehicles. 

Outdoor lighting with solar electricity 
Sixteen light poles equipped with solar panels and batteries are located outside the supermarket. The batteries charge during the daylight hours and give electricity to the lanterns after dark. 

Recycling station 
You can bring sorted waste (plastic, paper, glass, etc.) to the Silpo Recycling station. For each kilogram of recyclable materials customers get points on Vlasnyi Rakhunok bonus account and can use them for purchases in the Silpo chain. 

About Silpo 
Silpo is one of the largest national food supermarket chains in Ukraine, founded in 1998. As of November 2020, there are 272 supermarkets, including four Le Silpo gourmet stores. Silpo is a part of Fozzy Group, one of the largest trade and industrial groups in Ukraine.
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