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In 2013 we created Premiya Riki Tiki, a new label brand for kids. Colorful products with a joyful mongooses-hero are made for 3-12 years old children and their parents. You can be sure that you get quality products, because for making the product for kids brand we have chosen the best Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers.


The range of sale:

• sausages,

• processed cheese,

• canned peas and corn,

• pasta,

• cereals,

• chocolate paste,

• tea with banana, chocolate and crème brulee aroma,

• cookies "Mini Maria", "Hoop", "Snowballs",

• figure butter cookie "Funny Zoo"

• biscuit cookie "Africa",

• cookie with caramel pictures "Champion"

• caramel in a milk tube with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate

• jelly candy

• glazed curd cheese with coconut, boiled condensed milk, strawberries, with cherry and vanilla aroma

• sweet cheese with vanilla,

• napkins,

• shampoo with vanilla and raspberry aroma,

• bath foam,

• Teaching books and coloring books with pasties.


In the near future are expected new products: play dough, juice 0.2 L, and ketchup for kids.

Follow the news and look for the various amusing for kids on packages!

Taste with pleasure!