Vlasnyi Rakhunok bonuses were UAH 150 million in 2009 20.01.2010

In 2009 Silpo chain sent over UAH 150 million to its customers as a reward within Vlasnyi Rakhunok programme.

As of today 1.5 million households take part in the programme. Vlasnyi Rakhunok was successfully launched in 2007. Now it is rolled out across all the country in 163 Silpo supermarkets. It is expected that the number of participants will increase to 2 million.

Pavlo Roganov, CRM Department Head, Fozzy Group: «We constantly improve our analysis methodology on our consumers’ buying habits. This turned to be key data to shape product range in Silpo supermarkets. Also, we constantly improve the algorithm of Special offerings in reward system, which allows us to consider types of purchases and give more rewards to our consumers. In 2010 we are going to make one more step up to our consumers and launch internet project, which will help consumers to manage accounts online and get access to special services.

As always we are trying to reward Silpo’s loyal customers. Last year we’ve launched double awarding system to these who spend the most in Silpo. This is how we put into practice our principle of fare rewarding in respect of spends in the chain.

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