Fozzy Group retail turnover is UAD 1.93 billion in 2008 23.02.2009

Fozzy Group announced preliminary results for 2008. Total turnover of retail business is UAH 10.2 billion or USD 1.93 billion (calculation based on the average NBU exchange rate per year: UAH 5,2672 = USD 1).

In 2008 12 Silpo supermarkets and 16 Fora conveniences were opened in Ukraine.

Premiya share in turnover increased to 8%. In September 2008 new Povna Chasha private label in low price category was launched. There are over 500 SKUs of Premiya PL and over 20 SKUs of Povna Chasha PL.

In 2009 Fozzy Group plans to focus on organic growth and gain maximum from the new opportunities in the current economic situation.

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