Fozzy Group significantly increases its product line of own brands in the first half of 2013 22.08.2013

In the first half of 2013 Fozzy Group launched over 160 own brand items in 75 categories.

Thoroughly selecting the suppliers, the Group is absolutely certain of the quality of the goods offered to customers in the Silpo, Fora, and Fozzy Cash&Carry retail chains. According to audited reports, the Group selects the best world producers offering high-quality products. The Fozzy Group quality department ensures their compliance with relevant standards and carefully controls every step of the delivery chain, from production to their appearance on store shelves.

A wide range of goods at acceptable prices is crucial for our customers. Fozzy Group is dedicated to pursuing this goal and regularly renovates its product lines. In the first half of 2013, customers had an opportunity to try such new Premiya® brand goods: processed “Tostovyi” cheese and “Gauda” produced by Polmlek sp.z.o.o., Poland; bucket ice-cream by “Try Vedmedi,” LLC, Ukraine, which comes in pistachio, hazelnut, and cream flavors; cod liver by “A. Vest,” “Hrad. Hiunvar,” and “A. Ken,” Iceland; smoked sausages “Moskovska,” “Braunshveigska,” and “Servelat” by “Alan,” LLC, Ukraine; cherry, strawberry and raspberry fruit syrups by Krokus Poiw Producer, Poland; strawberry, lime, hazelnut, caramel, grenadine and cherry cocktail syrups by “Gortransretail,” LLC.

In Fozzy Group’s stores the Premiya® brand sandwich line has expanded to include sandwiches with brown bread (own production). New products lines for real gourmets in the premium Premiya Select® segment were also launched. These include salads, pizza and anchovies in oil (“Yurrita e Hijos, S.A.,” Spain), as well as filleted tuna with olive oil (“Conservas Dantici S.L. Producer,” Spain). For those who fancy traditional folk drinks we have new compote with strawberry-cowberry flavor (NAR, LLC, Russia).

Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted by our new EXTRA!® segment. Fozzy Group store chains now offer a new line of sweets, namely “Romashka” candies made by the Rivne Confectionery. Also, EXTRA!® offers handy plastic and paper tableware for customers who enjoy relaxing outside.

Our Povna Chasha® segment offers new flavors of ice-cream, including pistachio, strawberry and chocolate, in a suitable 1 kg pack-tube by “Try Vedmedi,” LLC and “Laska-Trade,” LLC, Ukraine.

Lovers of tea can purchase the blended loose-leaf black tea “Prince Basu” under the Povna Chasha® segment by “Monomakh,” JSC. There is also a new option for frying and salads with sunflower oil under the Povna Chasha® segment by “ZKZ,” ALC, Ukraine.

Our line of energy and alcoholic beverages has also been expanded with Zonk!®, cider with a pear flavor, and the alcoholic Alco-Z energy drink.

Shelves of the Silpo, Fora, and Fozzy Cash&Carry chains will soon feature several new items in the different categories. These include chicken eggs in 6-piece packs, crunchy cereals, yogurt in plastic bottles, and Sicilian olive oil under the Premiya Select® brand. Moreover, the category of loose-leaf tea and tea in tea-bags of Povna Chasha®, and juices in 2 liter packs will be expanded.

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