Delicious half of the year with new products of Premiya private label 28.07.2014
<p>Within six months of 2014 more than 30 novelties of Premiya private label appeared on shelves, and more than 10 existing Premiya product categories improved their appearance. All this in order to add flavor and beauty to your everyday life, and sometimes a bit of ease. Try to spend a day with new products of Premiya TM.</p>

<p>Start a summer morning with Premiya – brew one of a type of refreshing fruit tea, such as "Mojito" or make aromatic coffee with African Arabica blend, put in the basket croissants and Dutch caramel wafers. In about seven minutes you will cover a good breakfast, as in a good hotel.</p>

<p>If you believe that breakfast is the main course of the day, Premiya may suggest you to supplement it with soft oatmeal and several kinds of popular cheeses. Oatmeal is rich in complex carbohydrates, which help you feel satiated longer. Processed cheese are great for sandwiches as mixtures: "Tse Gauda!", "Tse Cheddar!" or "Assorted Cheese" in segments - for adults, and processed cheese "Premiya Ricky-Tiki" - for children. Colored pencils will be relevant for a breakfast table, as inside the packaging of the "Premiya Ricky-Tiki" cheeses there is a coloring book.</p>

<p>By the way, morning glass of milk will be even tastier with caramel, vanilla, strawberry or chocolate straws "Premiya Ricky-Tiki" - thus the useful product will taste kids like a dessert. Although… adults also would like such a milk;) </p>

<p>You will probably get hungry by lunchtime, so be sure to take a new pita-roll to work: with squid or cheese – feta or mozzarella. If you dine at home, but still have a little time to cook, we advise to use frozen fruits and vegetables Premiya, they are much easier and more convenient to stew for instance, and vitamins in them preserved well due to deep freeze technology. We have updated the recipes mixes and design of packaging.</p>

<p>If in the evening your guests will come to visit, it will be great to have on hand something special. Maybe your friends will appreciate canapés with red caviar of chum salmon – it`s a coarse caviar, rich in amino acids, which help to recover after an exhausting working day.</p>

<p>Or arrange a tea party. Treating friends with a variety of teas of an updated Premiya Diamond Collection, serve those compliments – hazelnuts, figs and other Premiya dried fruits, which have changed the appearance of the package.</p>

<p>If cooking for you is a holiday, spend an evening mastering your skills. Silicone kitchenware Premiya – is an incredible convenience for creativity – the dough does not stick to the tool and frees you from the hassle. To create your masterpieces, you can use a whisk, brush, scapula, forms for muffins and other desserts. A handy notepad “The Cook’s Notes” will help to save and multiply your recipes.</p>

<p>And on the weekend – hope the weather will let you have a gasp of fresh air and eat barbecue on a picnic. We will throw wood in your fire – in briquettes or logs. By the way, do not forget the Premiya fuel liquid, so probably nothing will slake.</p>

<p>All this is not a complete list of new products, and we are constantly improving our range for you. Moreover, to make the first purchase of our products even more enjoyable – in Silpo supermarkets there is a 15% discount for all Premiya new offers during the first two weeks of sales. Have a delicious day!</p>
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