Crisis as Opportunity: Fozzy Group Invests in Development of the Tourism Business Unit 21.04.2015
<p>In 2015 Fozzy Group, one of the largest trade industrial groups in Ukraine, continues to develop new business direction – a chain of travel agencies Silpo Voyage. In less than a year the new chain has opened 11 offices in Kiev, sold over 1,500 vacation tours and more than 4,500 business trips within Ukraine and abroad. At the company's website one can order travel services from any location in Ukraine.</p>

<p>As part of the business development strategy Silpo Voyage team relies on providing quality service and service guarantees. Thus, an individual approach to clients and partners, round the clock customer support, experienced managers, attention to detail, service control – all these components are essential attributes of the Silpo Voyage travel agencies chain. The company cooperates with the largest tour operators, airlines and reservation systems in Ukraine and worldwide. The partners portfolio comprises more than 30 tour operators, among them TEZ TOUR, TUI, Pegas, Accord tour, Join Up and others.</p>

<p>Silpo Voyage has already established itself on the market as a responsible business by covering the costs of its customers, who could have lost their journeys because of the bankruptcy of a major tour operator."We are a part of the large business structure and for us responsibility to our customers is not just an empty word. After the cessation of activity of the «News Travel» tour operator we compensated our customers about 140 thousand hryvnias of our own funds,” said Valeriy Vlasenko, director of the Silpo Voyage travel agencies chain. “All tourists were offered two choices: full refund of the tour cost or rebooking the trips with other tour operators, all tourists agreed to rebook".</p>

<p>In the future Silpo Voyage team plans to organize joint activations with Silpo supermarkets chain. Silpo supermarkets chain operates a program for regular customers “Vlasnyi rakhunok”. During 2014 its audience has increased to 4.01 million households, representing more than 10 million people. Studying the members’ personal preferences according to program cards, Silpo Voyage management plans to form individual offers for customers. In turn, participants of the “Vlasnyi rakhunok” program who buy a tour at Silpo Voyage chain will receive points on their cards.</p>

<p>Experts believe that the economic crisis is a favorable period for business development. These extreme conditions help companies optimize their activity, develop effectively and gain new customers quickly. Silpo Voyage team is optimistic about the development of the tourism business: "We believe in the future of the tourism industry in Ukraine,” says Valeriy Vlasenko. “Any crisis has an end, and when economic growth resumes, tourism market will recover too. Demand for travel stays, just the vector of consumer prefeences changed. In response to the request of time, we also offer trips around Ukraine and economy options abroad. Fortunately, many foreign resorts seriously reduced prices to maintain the flow of customers".</p>
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