Silpo Is the First in Retail to Launch Its Station That Receives Recyclable Materials – #SilpoRecycling 25.05.2018
For the first time in Ukraine a retailer, the Silpo chain, opened a station to receive recyclable materials – #SilpoRecycling. The station was launched on May 20 near the store Silpo at 2 Petra Kalnyshevsky St. 

How often did you have to deal with a difficult task to sort trash, spending lots of your time and making a significant effort? 

Sorting and recycling of waste is a very urgent issue for our country, as even today 5% of the territory of Ukraine is occupied by garbage dumps. Silpo and the organization "Ukraine without Garbage" takes the first step in solving this big problem – the #SilpoRecycling station is ready to accept all the waste that is subject to processing. Moreover, by sorting garbage, you will receive additional points on your "Vlasny Rahunok" card. 

"In Kiev, there are many stations that accept specific recyclable materials. We decided to create a broad-spectrum station where we will take any raw material that is subject to processing. Our main goal is to engage as many people as possible to the culture of garbage sorting. We are going to involve people with the Silpo natural care of guests and with the points for the garbage", said Galina Dmitruk, #SilpoRecycling Project Manager.  

Why is this important? 

Do you know that you will need 625 thousand train cars to remove all the garbage from the dumps? And what about the fact that every year every Ukrainian yields about 350 kg of garbage? In Silpo we can see the magnitude of this problem and we understand that a comprehensive approach is needed to solve it. This was the main reason to cooperate with "Ukraine without Garbage" and launch the #SilpoRecycling project. 

"Our last experiment demonstrated that each month a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) produces 31 kg of garbage, 85% of which are recyclable materials that can be further processed. If we manage to involve 100 families, the volume will reach 2635 kg per month. If 1000 families – 26350 kg and so on. This is the garbage volume that won’t go to the dumps," shared her points Yevgenia Aratovskaya, Project Director at "Ukraine without Garbage".  

How does it work and how do you benefit from this? 

We have designed an easy and comfortable procedure so that our guests could not only be involved in the environment protection but also receive a pleasant bonus, the points to their "Vlasny Rahunok" card. The station has 4 containers for garbage: paper, plastic, glass, and metal. 

Everything is easy: you get rid of household waste at the station #SilpoRecycling benefiting the environment, and in return you get some points to your "Vlasny Rahunok" 

• For 1 kg of plastic or paper you get 600 points 
• For 1 kg of glass – 150 points 
• For 1 kg of metal – 700 points  

According to the rules of the "Vlasny Rahunok" program, at the end of the reporting period the points turn into bonuses that can be used for purchases in Silpo. The following scheme is used when transferring points to bonuses: 1 point = 1 kopeck, 100 points = 1 UAH. This bonus scheme is a pilot period. 

We invite all our guests to join the Silpo initiative, sort the garbage and bring it to #SilpoRecycling at 2 Petra Kalnyshevsky St. This way together we will make the significant contribution to the ecology of our country. 

#SilpoRecycling Hours: 
Weekdays 17:00 – 21:00 
Weekend 11:00 – 16:00
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