“The EXTRAordinary. People of Ukraine”: Silpo and Pictoric to Launch a Project Dedicated to People Supporting the Daily Lives of Ukrainians 05.05.2020

Ukrainian supermarket chain Silpo and Pictoric Illustrators Club are launching a project to thank the people who support the country's life. It received the name “The EXTRAordinary. People of Ukraine”, emphasizing that a job that seems ordinary at first glance might be done by an incredible person.

“The EXTRAordinary” will tell stories and show portraits of people of 100 professions from the service industry.

Portraits of cashiers, waiters, doormen, cleaners, drivers, and other workers will be created by the Pictoric Illustrators Club that earlier authored the project about prominent Ukrainians called “People of Ukraine.”

On May 1, the project organizers presented fifteen illustrations. You can see them both online and near the Silpo store located at Heroiv Stalinhrada Avenue, 12P. Exhibition units are placed at a safe distance from one another in accordance with the requirements of precautionary measures during the pandemic. After the quarantine is over, the exhibition will travel around Ukraine.

“Quarantine did what no social initiative could do. It demonstrated the importance of the work done by hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, who, despite force majeure, continue to support people's daily lives and their peace of mind. When the whole world faces new challenges, we want to talk about ordinary people who have become EXTRAordinary,” says Kateryna Ohuriaieva, Marketing Director of Ukrainian supermarket chain Silpo.

The first illustrations done by Anna Sarvira, Oleh Hryshchenko and Olena Staranchuk have already been published. They depict people who go to work every day so that every Ukrainian can buy essential products or drink a cup of coffee: porter Serhiy Pavliuchenko, cashier Oksana Pushkarenko, and barista Serhii Serhieiev.

“Currently, fifteen artists from all over Ukraine are creating illustrations. An illustrator is a person who can wittily and truthfully convey the peculiarities of each job and the characters of people who help Ukrainians to live their lives,” says Olena Staranchuk, co-curator of Pictoric Illustrators Club. “Each illustration will be made in the original style of the artist using collage techniques, applications, vector graphics and hand-drawing."

Pictoric Illustrators Club is an active community of graphic designers, illustrators, and artists. It authored the project “People of Ukraine” about outstanding Ukrainians promoting the history and culture of Ukraine using the language of modern graphic art.

Silpo is one of the largest food supermarket chains in Ukraine founded in 1998. As of April 2020, there are 260 Silpo supermarkets, including 4 Le Silpo delicatessen. It is part of Fozzy Group, one of the largest trade and industrial groups in Ukraine.

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