The Mode of Operation of Silpo Stores During the Imposed Quarantine (Live) 23.03.2020

We care about our guests and employees, so we are providing a caring service at all times.

Starting March 11, the sanitary and hygienic rules in the Silpo supermarkets and Le Silpo delicatessen have become stricter. Everything is being disinfected: doors, handles, trolleys, cash registers, etc. Employees wash their hands more often and more intensely. Disinfectants are placed for guests at the store entrances.

We are paying more attention to the health of our employees, who are strongly advised to stay home if they feel sick. Under all conditions, employees have their temperature checked before work.

Since March 17, we have been packaging everything as take-aways in our cafes and restaurants. Packed with care and delicious. See here the way to pre-order and pick up food:

The same goes for Le Grill restaurants:

We have postponed our workshops, tastings, festivals, and other events. We are already adjusting the Silpo Wine Fest schedule and suspended ticket sales. As soon as things go back to normal and all is well, we will immediately announce a new date and venue for the festival. Tickets will be valid on the postponed date. However, if you’d like to return your ticket, we will offer you options and get back to you next week. Stay tuned.

Silpo stores have all the essentials such as buckwheat, salt, your favorite munchies, and more. If you haven't found something, no need to worry. Our warehouses have plenty of stock and we are busy transporting goods to the stores. A little patience and understanding, please! We are operating in a turbo mode.

We package all the foods that were previously sold by weight: grains, bread, pastries, etc.

The supermarkets at shopping malls are open. We care about the comfort and health of our guests and do our best to keep the stores clean, safe and brimming with goods. In order to ensure this and give us a little more time, we have changed the working hours of some supermarkets. See current hours here.

We provide workers with masks because health is first and foremost.

Additionally, we are working on starting collaboration with delivery services.

We care about your health and adhere to the decision of authorities: social distancing with at least 10 square meters per person. Now, the number of people allowed in the stores will depend on their total area. Some supermarkets can accommodate 70-80 guests at a time, while larger ones can accommodate 200-300 guests. And every guest will have their own 10 square meters :)

We will keep you posted and thank you for being with us!

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