Van Gogh, Mavka and Purrkitty Stores: Three Silpo Stores Listed Again as The Best Innovative Designs in European Stores 17.07.2020
The European retail supermarket Magazine (ESM) compiles Europe’s Finest Store List each year and selects the most impressive innovative store designs used in new or updated stores in the European retail market. In 2020, the ESM editorial board selected 29 best stores in Europe and Silpo again became the only Ukrainian retailer whose stores were included in the list.

“For the fourth time, Silpo represents Ukraine on the European map of innovative retail design concepts in Europe. Each time we create a new themed design for a store, we strive to tell a compelling story so that the shopping process inspires joy and positive emotions. And our strategy has not gone unnoticed by the international retail community,” said Silpo Marketing Director Kateryna Ohuriaieva.

Europe's Finest Store 2020 includes the following three Silpo stores:

Van Gogh store opened in Kyiv in September 2019
“Expect to see lots of bright flowers, blooming almond trees, and starry nights, while the artist himself beams at customers from the wall illustration,” notes ESM and calls this Silpo experience “shopping surrounded by works of art worthy of a museum.”

Mavka Universe store opened in Kyiv in November 2019
The largest themed Silpo store located in the largest shopping mall in Ukraine, Blockbuster Mall, is decorated after the animated film Mavka. Forest Song. This is the result of a creative collaboration between two major Ukrainian brands, the Silpo supermarket chain and the Ukrainian studio Animagrad (FILM.UA Group). The interior of the store showcases Ukrainian authentic features, while the store itself has a full-fledged food hall, i.e. a gastronomic space with themed establishments headed by brand chef Marco Cervetti.

Purkitty store opened in Kyiv in April 2020
“Here, customers can discover their “inner kitty”,” writes ESM. The store is decorated with huge balls of thread, nail scratchers instead of columns, and portraits of well-known cats. “It looks like a cat paradise. The only thing that’s missing is real cats,” notes the publication.

European Supermarket Magazine included Silpo in Europe’s Finest Store List for the fourth year in a row. In 2019, the best innovative stores of the chain were Steampunk store in Vyshhorod, Wild West store in Stoianka village (Kyiv region), and Spaceship store in Kharkiv. In 2018, ESM awarded Le Silpo in Odesa, and in 2017 – Jamaican-style store in Brovary, Alice in Wonderland store in the Forum Lviv mall, and Loft-Punk store at the Lavina Mall in Kyiv.

Silpo is one of the few large chain grocery retailers in the world that create a unique themed design for each store. Currently, the chain has 51 themed supermarkets and 4 Le Silpo delicatessen with their own design. Silpo creates themed atmosphere for its employees as well since staff rooms are also decorated in the style of the stores.

Silpo is one of the largest grocery chains in Ukraine. Founded in 1998, it is part of Fozzy Group, one of the largest trade and industrial groups in Ukraine. As of July 2020, there are 263 Silpo supermarkets, including 4 Le Silpo delicatessen and the online store, launched during quarantine.
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